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Some Features

SnipAway has a lot of usefull features allowing you to work effectivly with you snippets. We listed some of the best features below

Highly customizable

You can change a lot of settings to make SnipAway fit your personal preferences. Prefering dark over white theme? Change it. You like the monokai editor theme with a font size of 30px and no line numbers and autocomplete? Change it.

Advanced Code Editor

SnipAway has a very advanced interal editor which you can also customize to match your style. It also has some very usefull features like: Autocomplete, syntax highliting, code folding and multiline selection.


Folders allow you to group snippets together using a color and a folder name. Using folders you can also group snippets together no matter what the snippet language is. For example group all snippets for a certain project together using one single folder.

Web Snippets

SnipAway allows you to save websites you often refer to while working on something. You have a website you visity every time to lookup something? Then save it as a web snippet so you find it fast everytime you need it.

Different Themes

Do you like it more on the dark side? Or do you prefer the bright side of life? No matter what you like we got you covered. Select the theme you want to use and get started

Favorite Mode

Are there some snippets you are using very often? You dont always remeber their names or want to search for it every time in the snippets list? You can easily mark snippets as favorites so you have all your favorite snippets in one place

Global Shortcuts

Using global shortcuts you can access features like quick create and quick search directly without opening up SnipAway again. This way you can also directly bring SnipAway to the front no matter where and what other application you are working with

ZIP Import / Export

SnipAway saves all your snippet files localy. To create a backup of your snippets or to use them on other computers we created a feature allowing you to export your snippets as a zip file. You can then use the exportet zip file to import your snippets again.

Language Icons

When enabled language icons allow you to directly see in which language a snippet was created. This allows you to find the snippets you are looking for more quickly. If you dont like this feature you can still of course disable it in the settings

Stay in Tray

Even if you close SnipAway it still is open inside your computers tray. This allows you to quickly open up SnipAway again. And of course if you dont like this feature you can disable it as well

Quick Create

Quick Create allows you to quickly open up SnipAway in creation mode. This way you can directly create your snippets using a keyboard shortcut and without opening SnipAway and then clicking on a button first

Quick Search

Quick Search is similar to quick create but this time you are searching all your current snippets. This feature allows you to quickly open the SnipAway search mode and find the snippets you are looking for

Settings Import / Export

You changed the settings in SnipAway and want to backup or use the settings on another computer? Using the settings import / export you can. You can create a zip file containing all your settings information so you can easily import them anytime to restore your settings

Edit Lock

Activating the edit lock mode locks the editing of snippet and web snippet files. This way you can be extra safe and ensure that your snippet information not change unless you want it to.

Expand & Fullscreen

To minify the distraction when you are reading, editing or creating a new snippet you can expand the snippet editor area or make the view fullscreen. This way you can focus on working on the snippet.

  • Dark Theme

  • Light Theme

  • Folder Support

  • Customizable Editor

  • Favorite snippets

  • Quick Actions

  • Lot of shortcuts

  • Web Snippets

  • Filter snippets by language

  • Quick Search

  • Quick Create

Download for Windows

Requires Windows (7) or later

Download for MacOS

Requires OS 10.x or later (Coming soon)

Download for Linux

Requires Linux 64-bit (Coming soon)