31.01.2019 | Version 1.1.8 - Open Beta

New Features

    NewNew folder system which is replacing the tag system

    NewRedesigned the folder color picker

    NewNew menu item "View blog"


    ChangeNow you need to restart the application to make the application langauge changes take affect

    ChangeChanged language icon of the following languages:

    • Docker

    • Fortan

    • Java

    • JSX

    • Lua

    • Markdown

    • MySQL

    • Perl

    • PHP

    • Powershell


    BugFixed nothing to show overlay folder icon position

    BugFixed italian language exit dialog bug

    BugFixed websnippet fast change bug

    BugFixed websnippet loading bug

    BugFixed the bug where global shortcuts not getting removed after fully closing the application

02.12.2018 | Version 1.1.7

New Features

    NewYou can now enable/disable "Leave open in Background" which will ether leave the app open in the background or close it

    NewNew "Contact us" Menu allowing you to write us a e-mail if you have questions

    NewNew "Issue/Feature Request" Menu allowing you to report a bug or create a new feature request

    New"Tag assign list" now updates when you create a new tag from the tag menu


    ChangeChanged the remove icon used for the "Tag assign list"

    ChangeNew layout for all checkboxes in the editor settings tab

    ChangeChanged all loading animations


    BugFixed a hover problem of the "Create Tag" button

    BugFixed a layout problem when the editor area was in fullscreen mode

05.09.2018 | Version 1.1.6

New Features

    NewIntroducing the new sort mode. You can now sort the snippet list(s) by:

    • Date ascending

    • Date descending

    • Alphabetically ascending

    • Alphabetically descending

    NewNew settings save system. The settings now gets saved on your harddrive in a separate file

    NewThe new settings save system allows us to make the settings exportable so you can easily share it with other people or backup your settings

    NewYou can now disable the global key shortcuts directly from the general settings

    NewNow you can create a new tag directly from the tag assign overlay


    ChangeBecause of the new feature allowing you to export the app settings the following menu items was changed:

      "Import/Export" Menu:

    • "Import from ZIP-Archive..." was renamed to "Import Snippets from ZIP-Archive..."

    • "Export to ZIP-Archive..." was renamed to "Export Snippets to ZIP-Archive..."

    • "Import settings..." item was added to the menu

    • "Export settings..." item was added to the menu


    BugFixed a problem that occurred when the language filter was active and a snippet gets deleted

    BugFixed a problem that would not allow you to select the "Text" option on the language filter when the app first starts

    BugFixed a bug where the horizontal scrollbar of the editor was showing when it should not show at all

    BugFixed a problem causing the app to exit when you click the close icon on the app exit dialog

31.08.2018 | Version 1.1.5

New Features

    NewAdded a new icon for the windows tray

    NewAdded new application language: French


    ChangeYou can now also click directly on the "Create Tag" text to create a new tag

    ChangeOn the settings tab where you don't neeed to save your changes the action buttons now get hidden automaticly

    ChangeYou can no longer drag images and logos from the app

    ChangeThe icons in the color tag list are now smaller allowing us to show one more extra element without changing the list size

    ChangeAdded arrows to the popup dialogs inside the app to make it more visible and detect to which button/feature it belongs to


    BugFixed a bug where your snippet search was still active after you changed the list

    BugFixed the layout of the quick search input

    BugFixed some layout problems of the web snippet preview element when maximizing the view

27.04.2018 | Version 1.1.4

New Features

    NewNew notification system with new design

    NewAdded feature to convert web snippets back to normal snippet files

    NewNew option in general settings to disable or activate automatic update check on app startup


    ChangeYou can no longer copy the snippets source code if they are web snippets

    ChangeMade code editor in the editor settings editable so you can check the syntax highlighting directly

    ChangeNotifications are now seperated into 3 different types:

    • Default
    • Success
    • Error

    ChangeThe table cells in the shortcuts table are no longer clickable

    ChangeChanged color tag list accordion icon

    ChangeAdded "other web links" to the license info view

    ChangeOptimized color tag system performance


    BugFixed snippet file timestamp formatting

    BugFixed error causing snippet file not to show up in the snippet list when badly formatted

    BugFixed sidebar menu item text formatting

05.03.2018 | Version 1.1.3

New Features

    NewAdded new application language: Russian

    NewWeb Snippets

    NewInternal Webbrowser


    ChangeAdded macOS keys to the shortcut table



06.02.2018 | Version 1.1.2

New Features

    NewSnippet file info display

    NewMulti language support currently with following languages:

    • Englisch

    • German

    • Italian

    • Turkish

    • Spanish


    ChangeChanged language filter icon

    ChangeChanged quick create overlay language select input styling

    ChangeRenamed „Application Theme“ option in general settings to „Theme“


    BugFixed ui elemetns border bottom rendering

    BugThe snippet list now displays the correct snippets after filtering by language

    BugFixed quick search overlay copy

    BugSelected items in the snippet list are marked as selected again

    BugSnippet color tags are now imported correctly again

    BugFixed timestamp calculation for the file info display

16.01.2018 | Version 1.1.1

New Features



    ChangeDelete dialog now showing the title of the snippet you trying to delete

    ChangeWhile the snippet lock mode is active you can't favorize a snippet now


    BugPressing the ESC key while searching for snippets no longer affects the snippet edit view

11.01.2018 | Version 1.1.0

New Features

    NewApplication update system


    ChangeAdded white input field dropdown icon for dark mode



12.12.2017 | Version 1.0.9

New Features

    NewSnippet lockmode


    ChangeShowing a nothing selected overlay if the favorite snippets list is empty



05.12.2017 | Version 1.0.8

New Features

    NewColor Tag System

    NewColor Tag Search


    ChangeSnippet storage folder can now be opened from the general settings directly in the system explorer

    ChangeZIP system rebuilt

    ChangeA exit dialog is displayed when closing the app from tray system

    ChangeNo favorite icon positioning changed

    ChangeAdded pascal programming language icon


    BugColor tags in the favorites snippet list will now be displayed again

16.11.2017 | Version 1.0.7

New Features

    NewSnippet file storage location can be specified by the user


    ChangeRebuilt search system


    BugSnippet delete display bug fixed

20.10.2017 | Version 1.0.6

New Features

    NewAdded loading overlay on app startup

    NewQuick create

    NewAdded global shortcuts


    ChangeAdded quick create option to app tray

    ChangeLanguage filter icon and select box styling changed



05.10.2017 | Version 1.0.5

New Features

    NewSnippet items in the snippet list now show the corresponding programming language icon

    NewContext menu for snippet elements implemented


    ChangeAdded option to disable the snippet icons and show the default icon instead



04.10.2017 | Version 1.0.4

New Features



    ChangeShortcut for switching to the editor full screen mode changed



27.09.2017 | Version 1.0.3

New Features



    ChangeQuicksearch overlay can be closed by pressing the ESC key


    BugDrag and drop of files in the app is prevented so this does not lead to reloading another url

25.09.2017 | Version 1.0.2

New Features

    NewNow you can export all your sippets to a .ZIP file and import it

    NewNotification system


    ChangeSettings overlay can be closed by pressing the ESC key



19.09.2017 | Version 1.0.1

New Features

    NewSave window position and dimensions

    NewQuick search

    NewSnippet favorizing

    NewTray system


    NewLanguage search filter

    New8 New themes:

    • X Code

    • Chaos

    • Dreamer

    • Real Hacker

    • Monokai

    • Vibrant Ink

    • Solarized Dark

    • Merbivore

    New7 New supported programming languages:

    • C#

    • Dart

    • Erlang

    • Fortran

    • Jade

    • Lua

    • Livescript

    NewSnippet copy performance improved

    NewAdded quick search copy function

    NewAded dark theme


    Change"User Interface" setting page renamed to "General"

    ChangeOptimized snippet list render speed

    ChangeSnippets storage system optimized

    ChangeThe shortcuts in the settings page are now displayed within a table

    ChangeThe Settings shortcuts tab now lists all available shortcuts

    Change"Double click to edit" feature removed

    ChangeMenu item and shortcut for maximizing the editor has been created

    ChangeMenu item and shortcut for expanding the snippet edit view has been created

    ChangeThe shortcuts in the settings page are now displayed within a table

    ChangeMenu item and shortcut for maximizing the editor has been created

    ChangeMenu Item and Shortcut for expanding the snippet edit view has been created

    ChangeSnippet file loading system optimized

    ChangeTheme options in editor settings now sorted alphabetically

    ChangeAdded new font size: 13

    ChangeSnippet files now saved with indentation

    ChangeSnippet list creation logic optimized

    ChangeChanged maximized editor styling

    ChangeSettings menu background overlay opacity increased


    BugWhen closing the language filter, the selected snippet will be marked as selected in the list

07.07.2017 | Version 1.0.0

Initial project launch